What is Singapore Math ?

January 7, 2010

Singapore’s education system broken to its components are : framework, texts, tests, teachers prep. The sum of the whole is the key or more appropriately the execution of all the components are important for its success.

Singapore Math is the execution of the above and not just based on its texts. There is a lot more to it as learning go beyond the texts. “Teach less learn more” is the goal and the ideal scenario. Singapore Math texts thus are slim and oriented towards the child learning in the classroom. The teacher ideally should be able to demonstrate and assist the children in learning core and advance concepts.

In practice, tests are way beyond the texts, so it is expected the child has to work beyond the texts. In criticism of the system (Singapore context), the tests are tough and not all teachers are equal.

It is tough going for Singapore children to “Master” Singapore Math which is tested at a level much higher than what is presented in the textbooks. The parents are encouraged to be much involved in educating the child. At the end of grade 6,there is a nation wide test — Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE.)

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The Bar Models

January 9, 2010

One thing that quickly strikes you when you look at Singapore math textbooks and workbooks are the bar models. The bar model is to illustrate the “Part-Whole” concept.  Number bonds are part whole concept too. The idea is that a simple pictorial presentation provides a tool to understand fundamental math concepts better and use it as a foundational tool to attack complex problems without the use of more abstract tools like algebra. Let us take a look at the bar model :

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